Mosaic Monday: Kezar Lake Walk

  I walk the three miles around Kezar Lake in Sutton, New Hampshire, fairly regularly. Today was the first day since the self-isolation of the

Mosaic Monday: Snowshoeing an abandoned trail

Snowshoeing the morning of my colonoscopy prep! Beautiful weather, mid-30s, good snow that kept us out of the not-quite-frozen places in the brook, on a

Mosaic Monday: Early Winter in New Hampshire

A few photos from the last week in town, on trails, in the yard. Bonus: Christmas cactus on its own schedule: * Thanks for visiting.

Mosaic Monday: An Alpine Garden

Today, some collages of the alpine garden at The Fells in Newbury, New Hampshire, created by Clarence Hay and hired stonemasons starting in 1929 on

Mosaic Monday: Red White & Blue

Today, a collage of red, white, & blue for the celebration of Veterans Day here in the U.S., honoring people who serve or have served

Mosaic Monday: A Touch of Frost

Today, a collage of post-frost flowers, seeds, and foliage. It’s been down to 26F the last few nights, and before the week is up we’ll

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