Mosaic Monday: Kezar Lake Walk


I walk the three miles around Kezar Lake in Sutton, New Hampshire, fairly regularly. Today was the first day since the self-isolation of the Covid-19 virus pandemic era here in most of the U.S. (and world), and it was nice to see strangers’ smiling faces and exchange greetings with each other — from a safe distance, all of us wearing gloves, scarves, and hoods or hats for the weather. Speaking of which —  

Winter continues here in NH but spring is starting to show some signs. Granted, the “feels like” temperature was in the mid-20s Fahrenheit today, and the lake is still mostly iced over, but it was sunny, pussy willow buds are showing and hobblebush buds are swelling, most of the snow and ice has melted (for now — April snowstorms are not uncommon), I heard a lot of bird chatter, and snowdrops and crocuses are starting to bloom in the one yard along the route that seems to have a zone 6 microclimate here in zone 4/5 central NH. Will visit again in a week or two to see if trilliums are poking their heads up. 

Wish you could walk with me, or I with you (on a beach, perhaps?), during these difficult times. As Ram Dass said, we’re all just walking each other home.    



You can’t really see the crocuses by the large rock — I didn’t want to walk into someone’s yard to take the photo. Here’s a single photo, though they’re still tiny.  But they’re there!



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  1. We are still deep under the snow here, but the sun was warm enough today that hubby and I could sit on the deck and enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon. The juncos and a single robin have arrived – that means Spring is on her way. Thanks for sharing your walk – time outside will be a welcome distraction for all of us right now. Glad to see you at Mosaic Monday!

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