Mosaic Monday: Esker Walking

Today, a collage of photos from Saturday’s walk in a New Hampshire natural area, with a pond and a quaking bog, formed on a glacial esker. Besides the wooly bear, there were a lot of dragonflies (red meadowhawks, I think), some red-legged grasshoppers, and flurries of dozens of what seemed to be mayflies, all on a day that was in the mid-50Fs, hitting 32F that night.





Mosaic Monday



    1. I’ve heard that but doubt it because I’ve seen probably a dozen or more wooly bears around here and they have had widely varying degrees of black and brown on them. So if they do tell us the length of winter, they seem to be in disagreement about it. I have also heard it’s not the length of winter but the severity. But in either case there is not a consensus among the wooly bears I’ve noticed. 🙂

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