Mosaic Monday: Snowshoeing an abandoned trail


Snowshoeing the morning of my colonoscopy prep! Beautiful weather, mid-30s, good snow that kept us out of the not-quite-frozen places in the brook, on a nearby marshy trail that’s been recently abandoned (no longer maintained).



There are some downed branches and trunks, which we stepped on, over, around, and a few we walked or ducked under. A couple of the bridges were a bit catawampus as well.



The red winterberries (Ilex verticillata), lining the left side of the snowy path below and hither and thither elsewhere, really stand out.



The icy, frosty formations — stars, filament, needle-like, serrated, splintery — caught my eye, too.

An animal running across the snow on a frozen brook left this artful elongated “track”:


Snow-covered rock and frost tatters in another bit of brook:snowmoundicecrystalsfrozenbrookKCCTrailNLNH8Dec2019

Fringed hoarfrost hanging with moss over the brook:icymossfurrysnowKCCTrailNLNH8Dec2019

Delicate winged, feathery, or downy frost:icecrystalsstarswatersnowKCCTrailNLNH8Dec2019


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  1. In all my years of hiking, I have never seen a trail marked as “abandoned”. They would simply take down the signs and let it go back to nature. Fascinating. Your pictures of the frost are delicate and magical – thanks so much for sharing with Mosaic Monday! (And I hope the colonoscopy went well – I don’t mind the procedure as much as I do the prep!)

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