My continuation of Sharon Astyk’s now-completed “Independence Days” project (June-Aug 2022), which offered a framework for recognising how we’re building resiliency, community, and accountability that

WRITE 28 DAYS: MEDITATION RESPONSES – DAY 19: Working with Challenges

I’m participating in Sharon Salzberg’s 28-Day Real Happiness Meditation Challenge again this year, and my plan for this blog series is to write a poem or reflection

WRITE 31 DAYS – TIL / Day 11

It’s only 10:30 a.m. (when I started this post) and I’ve already learned a bunch of things! Here’s one. 11 October 2022 – Today I

Independence Days #3

I’m following along with Sharon Astyk’s “Independence Days” project, which started a couple weeks ago. It’s a “10-week exercise [that] builds community, accountability and solidarity


Only a month ago. If September memories were beets or pumpkins, they’d still be totally fresh and ready to use, tasty and fortifying, maybe even

write 31 days: dreamscape – day 28

“It’s a funny thing about bogs. You can fill them with rocks and sand and old logs and make a little fenced-in yard on top

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