Colour In the Winter Woods

At a glance, the winter landscape in New Hampshire may seem somewhat monochromatic. Right now, there’s a vastness of white snow, a multitude of tree

Wednesday Vignette: Winter in New Hampshire, Not Entirely Tiny & Far Away

There’s a lot to do outside in winter in New Hampshire. But it’s all tiny and far away. Or strange. * I’m not tiny or

Mosaic Monday: Snowshoeing an abandoned trail

Snowshoeing the morning of my colonoscopy prep! Beautiful weather, mid-30s, good snow that kept us out of the not-quite-frozen places in the brook, on a

A Tangle of Bright Moments: To Catch Sight of a Wild Porcupine

“I am going to the USA to catch sight of a wild porcupine and to give some lectures.” ― Sigmund Freud, Group Psychology and the Analysis of the

A Tangle of Bright Moments: Good Both Going and Coming Back

  “I’d like to get away from earth awhile And then come back to it and begin over. May no fate willfully misunderstand me And

A Tangle of Bright Moments: How You Bring Your Lived-Out Day As A Gift

“I’ll let you in on a secret about how one should pray the sunset prayer. It’s a juicy bit of praying, like strolling on grass,

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