Links that may or may not be related to gardens, food, travel, nature, or heterotopias and liminal spaces but probably are. Sources in parentheses.

guide: Planting and Mulching Trees & Shrubs (University of New Hampshire Extension). Robust 8-page PDF guide with photos and diagrams. Via Jared Barnes’ Plant•ed newsletter; check out his website Meristem

essay: Beaches (Rosecrans Baldwin/Meditation in an Emergency) “Which is basically what I want from beaches: that feeling of nothingness, that we’re all just sand in the universe and I’m sand, too.” (That feeling of nothingness is why, unlike Baldwin, I much prefer beaches empty of humans)

booklet/list/spreadsheet: Carex for the Mid-Atlantic Region (Mt Cuba Center). 24-page booklet (using Issuu), detailed list (scroll down), and Excel spreadsheet reporting on Mt. Cuba Center’s four-year Carex trial, which evaluated “horticultural qualities, vigor, and adaptability of 70 dfferent Carex species and cultivars” and assessed carex potential as a lawn substitute.

essay: Whenever Life Doesn’t Make Sense, Our Feelings Do (Mari Andrew/Out of the Blue). I love among other things that her brain “has flourished like a clementine orchard in Tuscany.”

photo essay: Mount Washington Observatory: Measuring the “World’s Worst Weather” (Northern Woodlands). Gives you that mid-winter vibe. And of course the current feline resident (Nimbus) is pictured.

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