write 31 days: dreamscape – day 2

beneath constant skies

Longing for the curve of earth where water
meets sand, rock, creeping dune,
where the storms in all their dreadful
glory sweep across the eternal shore,
launching watchful gulls and terns into the continental beyond.

Longing for the green and golden, protective
grasses hanging on for all they’re worth to the very land,
periwinkle snails scaling them in harmony with the tides, day in,
day out, as regular as time ticking away.

I’m bound in this certain place, leaves falling,
while my ghost already walks the prehistoric
dreams and incarnated memories along the howling coastal
edge, the small-brained and pearly chambered awareness
that all is threat and all is food and
all is vastly, intimately, alive now.

© MMWms 2020


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