7 October 2022 – Today I learned: That I wrote this poem a few years ago, but I had completely forgotten about it. This evening,

Day 28 / Write 28 Days: Noticing

Groundless I’m breathing, noticing inbreath, outbreath; I’m reciting the numbers, their regular progression from one to eight, then one to eight again; I’m imagining moon-swayed

Day 17 / Write 28 Days: Noticing

From Nowhere You glance and see nothing: twigs, limbs, a havoc of tumble and risk, spindle and skewer, and then light shifts, leaves twitch, something

Day 8 / Write 28 Days: Noticing

Recovering What’s Lost I wake up, another day, already mourning the absence of night, a missing immortality that lingers in memory like a restless ghost.

Day 5 / Write 28 Days: Noticing

Given This spacious white desk is my own open sky. It floats unbothered, full of suppression and snow, a moonless still swathe for the static

absent friends collage

write 31 days: dreamscape – day 30

landmarks I remember your house  like it was my own.  For a while, it was, when we met there in front of the fire  on

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