Six on Saturday: Isolation Walks

Six photos each from walks to five nearby spots (all in New Hampshire) between 15 March and 27 March, during the global Covid-19 pandemic. At most of these spots we’ve seen very few to no other people and we’ve all kept a good distance from each other while waving or saying hello.  #getoutdoors !


Fells Estate & Gardens, Newbury NH (15 & 27 March)

snow and Japanese lantern in the alpine garden – 15 March
ice sheets in Lake Sunapee – 15 March
heaths or heathers in the alpine garden – 27 March
blooming pink heather in the alpine garden – 27 March
rhododendrons, stone walls, snow in the old garden – 27 March
Andrena bees (maybe A. frigida) – male miner bees — two of a couple dozen on or near the ground near the convergence of a stream and lake – 27 March


local lake (16, 18, and 23 March)

lake under feathered ice – 16 March
snowdrop flowers (in same yard as crocuses, below) – 16 March
frozen lake with Mt. Kearsarge view – 16 March
crocuses in someone’s yard – the first I’ve seen this year – 18 March
beach area – 28 March
island on a grey snowy day – 23 March



local cemetery (22 March)

my favourite headstone
blueberry shrubs on either side of the Lauridsen stone
bird statue on the LaDouceur headstone
dead shrew
giant cedar tree among graves
small bird’s nest found on ground and placed in shrub branches


local bog (18 March)

goldthread, moss, maybe lichen
in places the boardwalk and trail were snowy or icy
peat mosses and snowberry
the bog with red peat moss and spruce trees
red peat moss and cranberries
bog marigold starting to emerge


local nature park (21 March)

sign at entrance inviting us to a vernal pool party … soon … I haven’t heard the peepers here yet, and the vernal pools are mostly still frozen
still frozen vernal pool
rock with quartz, granite, and other kinds of material
slime mold
rock swollen maple buds
my camera was accidentally on “pro” mode and took this landscape shot


Thanks for visiting these beautiful and fairly isolated spots with me — and for keeping your social distance.




Featured image: sneaking another photo from The Fells in, with my favourite prostrate spruce shrub in the alpine garden. 


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  1. Stone walls and alpine gardens, two of my favorite things to see photos of! Keep turkey vulture distance apart! I love that! The grocery store has colored tape on the floor at the check-out for the “turkeys” that don’t know how far 6′ apart is! There is tape outside too, making me think there are long lines the morning after they stock hot items!

  2. It’s still obviously quite cold where you are ( much colder than we ever experience here) and the snowy/ icy photos have special appeal for me.

    1. It was about 50 here yesterday and today, but highs for the next 10 days are in the 30s and 40s with lows in the 20s and 30s. We got 6 inches of snow this week, most of it melts, then it refreezes. Expecting snow, sleet, and rain tomorrow.

    1. And today it’s 38F and raining all day. We have a fire going and are reading, cooking, baking, lolling about. I don’t know what the cedar is, but eastern red is good guess.

      1. It will be in the 60s today, which is a bit cool. I intend to experience a normal winter eventually, but I do not think I would want to live with it for long. I don’t really know, it could be fun.
        Eastern red cedar is considered to be common within its native range. In some regions, it is less than desirable. I just happen to like it because it is exotic to me. There are two here. I can see why some dislike them, but I still think they are rad!

  3. Gorgeous walks. Surprised to see all that snow but then bees out. Loved the heather especially.

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