April showers bring many more photos than were taken from January through March! I took at least thirteen different woods walks in New Hampshire, plus

Six on Saturday: Isolation Walks

Six photos each from walks to five nearby spots (all in New Hampshire) between 15 March and 27 March, during the global Covid-19 pandemic. At

Six on Saturday: Laudholm Farm, Wells, Maine

Yesterday I needed to hear, smell, see, touch, feel the ocean, the beach, with an estuary thrown in for good measure. There are some good

Write 28 Days: Have Heaven ~ Day 23 :: The Heaven (and Hell) of Changeability

Welcome to day 23 of 28 Days of Have Heaven, a short month of posts about heaven, paradise, perfection and desire, perfect places, art, theology,

31 Days: Apocalypse, Now ~ Day 5 :: Low Tide

Welcome to day 5 of 31 Days of Apocalypse, Now, a month of posts about apocalypse, revelation, uncovering what’s been hidden. Each post will look


This past Saturday was International Shinrin-yoku Day. Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese word translated in English as “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere.” It’s

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