A Tangle of Bright Moments: Not Ready To Lie Down

“Perhaps the purpose of leaves is to conceal the verticality of trees which we notice in December as if for the first time: row after

A Tangle of Bright Moments: An Impossible Possession

“I should like to be the landscape which I am contemplating, I should like this sky, this quiet water to think themselves within me, that

A Tangle of Bright Moments: In Answer to Its Place & the Light

“What a consolation it is, after the explanations and the predictions of further explanations still to come, to return unpersuaded to the woods, entering again

A Tangle of Bright Moments: Make Your Own Space

“There are no medium-sized trees in the deep forest. There are only the towering ones, whose canopy spreads across the sky. Below, in the gloom,

A Tangle of Bright Moments: Emanations

“There are occasions when you can hear the mysterious language of the Earth, in water, or coming through the trees, emanating from the mosses, seeping

Wednesday Vignette: This Week So Far, Randomly

6-13 March … still winter, but we sprang forward so the days feel longer. 6 March < I completely cleaned the cat’s litter box but

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