• Highs averaged 73.5°F, with the highest temperature on 7 Sept, 87.3°F.
  • Lows averaged 57.9°F, with the lowest temperature on 1 Sept, 46.6°F.
  • Rainfall over the 31-day period was 6.23 inches, which is more than 80% above our average rainfall for this area of about 3.4 inches for the period.



  1. Your colorful flower display must to make up some for the disappointing vegetable garden showing – it’s fabulous! I love all the butterfly, bee and hummingbird shots too, especially as all but the bees generally manage to evade my camera. That shot of the Joe Pye weed with the butterflies floating above is wonderful.

    1. Yeah, I really love the colours, shapes, textures of the flowering plants, and the way they attract pollinators and others. I also love that shot of the swirling monarchs. Thanks for commenting!

  2. What gorgeous blooms! I especially love the Joe Pye weed, asters and turtlehead. I planted the first two this spring, but they’ve still got a lot of growing to do. And I’m amazed that your Monarda is still blooming. I have two kinds, but they peter out by July.

    And thanks for sharing pics of your beds too. It’s very inspirational to see how the natives look in context.

    1. Thanks! The Joe Pye weed will be tall before you know it! And if it’s like in my garden, it will spread around the yard quite a bit, but not in an annoying way 🙂 I like your comment about seeing how the natives look in context — my garden is probably more messy than some would like, but that’s due to my style (naturalistic and hands-off would be a flattering way to put it, haphazard and lazy would be another way) and not due to the natives themselves, which for the most part are resilient, beautiful, reliable, and easy to work with.

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