I remember May Bloom Day, my first of 2023, like it was yesterday. How can it be almost fall again? Melancholy abounds. Summer is by


Yep, I’m late late late. We were away on 15 Sept., the usual GBBD date, and then events overtook. But it’s the last hurrah for

september bloom day

Two days late! It feels like fall here in New Hampshire. We’re still in a drought. High temps are generally in the 60s and 70s

August Bloom Day

Three days late for my next-to-last bloom day of 2020! We’re still in a moderate drought and I can’t remember the last time it really

September Bloom Day

The month since the last bloom day, that is, from 16 Aug. to 15 Sept., has definitely brought a shift from high summer to nascent

August Bloom Day

It’s been a dry summer after a wet spring. I’ve had to water the vegetable garden about every day for the last month and I’ve

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