Wednesday Vignette: Released from Forms

 I was released from forms,
from the perpendiculars,
             straight lines, blocks, boxes, binds
of thought
into the hues, shadings, rises, flowing bends and blends
                    	of sight …
in nature there are few sharp lines.  -- A. R. Ammons



Photo: local bog, 20 Oct. 2018.
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      1. Black spruce? There is a tree at the farm that I know only as black spruce, although I do not know what the species is or if it really is a black spruce. It does happen to look like it is. I really want to grow a few red spruce and a white spruce. Of course, they will not do much during my lifetime. The black spruce was planted back in the 1980s or so. The only spruce that is planted here is the blue spruce, and even that is uncommon.

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