Wednesday Vignette: Perceiving the Light


Above, fertile fronds of sensitive ferns, against rock, with fall leaves.

“As the brain of man is the speck of dust in the universe that thinks, so the leaves — the fern and the needled pine and the latticed frond and the seaweed ribbon — perceive the light in a fundamental and constructive sense. The flowers looking in from the walled garden through my window do not, it is true, see me. But their leaves see the light, as my eyes can never do. They take it, as it forever spills away radiant into space in a golden waste, to a primal purpose. They impound its stellar energy, and with that force they make life out of the elements. They breathe upon the dust, and it is a rose.  — Donald Culross Peatie, Flowering Earth (1939)

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  1. Oooh – Sensitive ferns! That one is on my wishlist… Love the quote, too. I find that in the right light, anything can be beautiful – however fleetingly. Light is everything!

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