Seeing a Tree

Write 28 Days is over but I continue to want to notice things in varied ways, to give attention to the world around me. I

Day 27 / Writing 28 Days: Noticing

It strikes me that these paintings (nine of them shown), and many paintings, would be excellent practice for noticing things. That memory game where you

Day 26 / Writing 28 Days: Noticing

Here is the U.S. and in many other temperate places around the globe we have four designated seasons — spring and fall, marked by equinoxes,

Day 24 / Writing 28 Days: Noticing

S L O W I N G D O W N Sometimes to notice, you have to slow down. Slow Living on a Rainy Day

Day 23 / Writing 28 Days: Noticing

Spring approacheth here in New Hampshire, though in spurts. Today the high was 56F, and very windy, and tomorrow and Friday we’re looking at a

Day 22 / Write 28 Days: Noticing

I mentioned on Day 15 that I’d be surprising you with spiders, and today’s the day! Boo! As a reminder: “I’ll paint what I see

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