If you love camellias or orchids, this is the post for you.

Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens has come a long way in two years. I visited in Dec. 2013, when it was little more than a bamboo farm with a camellia walk, some crape myrtles, and a lot of big dreams. Now it’s a fledgling botanical garden, with a lovely water garden, a crape myrtle allée, the start of a giant bamboo maze, edible garden (figs, cotton, mulberries, greens, fruit trees, coconuts, olive trees, et al.), a xeriscapic garden, pick-your-own berry fields, sun and shade gardens, a white garden, a tea garden, a Mediterranean garden, an orchid greenhouse, and a real visitors center. And it’s still free of charge, by donation! (The Christmas light show is $8 per person.)

Today I’m going to spotlight the camellias and the orchids, both amazingly varied flowers.


C. japonica 'Happy Holidays'
C. japonica ‘Happy Holidays’
not sure which one this is ...
not sure which one this is …
Camellia hybrid 'Pink Icicle'
Camellia hybrid ‘Pink Icicle’
Camellia trail
Camellia trail
C. x vernalis 'Shibori Egao'
C. x vernalis ‘Shibori Egao’
C. japonica 'Happy Birthday'
C. japonica ‘Happy Birthday’
hybrid Camellia 'High Fragrance' (smelled great!)
hybrid Camellia ‘High Fragrance’ (smelled great!)
C. japonica 'Bobbie Fain Variegated'
C. japonica ‘Bobbie Fain Variegated’
C. japonica 'Black Tie'
C. japonica ‘Black Tie’
C. japonica 'Adalyn'
C. japonica ‘Adalyn’
C. japonica 'Early Autumn'
C. japonica ‘Early Autumn’
Camellia hybrid 'Christmas Rose'
Camellia hybrid ‘Christmas Rose’
C. japonica 'Camille'
C. japonica ‘Camille’
Camellia Trail
Camellia Trail
Camellia hybrid 'Dream Girl'
Camellia hybrid ‘Dream Girl’
Camellia hybrid 'Flower Girl'
Camellia hybrid ‘Flower Girl’
Yellow Camellia flower and buds
Yellow Camellia flower and buds



I don’t know the names of any of these; they weren’t labelled. But I love them just the same.

burgundychartreusewhitespeckledorchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 chartreuseyellowmagentaorchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 salmonpurplewhitespeckledorchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 chartreusepurpleorchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 fuschiaorangeorchidsCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 twoyellowpinkorchidsCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 orchidhouseCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 chartreusewhiteorchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 magentayelloworchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 stripedspeckledwhitepurpleorchidsCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 freckledwhiteyelloworchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 orangeorchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 purpleorchidsCGBGSavannah19Dec2015 pinkorchidCGBGSavannah19Dec2015



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