Day 3 / Write 28 Days: Noticing

A fun exercise I’ve mentioned before: When you’re outside moving at a human pace (or sitting, or staring out your window), consider “noticing” as an

Mosaic Monday: Featuring Stinkhorn

A new meme for me to try, Mosaic Monday. A friend and I took a short walk in the woods today, and there, just when

Memory’s Landscape

As I’ve noted before, heterotopias — an idea first named as such by Michel Foucault in a 1967 essay — are spaces that disrupt the continuity and

Autumn Leaves + Winter Sunshine

“She seemed a compound of the autumn leaves and the winter sunshine …” ― Virginia Woolf, Night and Day That’s the way this day in

Field Trip: Butterfield Pond Trail in Winter

Here’s what the Butterfield Pond trail looked like in mid-September. And here’s what it looked like a week or so ago, on the coldest day

31 Days of Kissing the Wounds :: Day 5 ~Field Trip: Butterfield Pond, Wilmot NH

Welcome to Day 5 of 31 Days of Kissing the Wounds, a month of posts about the beauty, longing, and soul inherent in our damaged