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write 31 days: dreamscape – day 13

the light enduring   It hardly bears saying  that my life is dreamed. What else could it be,  the puddling of moments that  flash like

Six on Saturday: The Blues

Six on Saturday, hosted by The Propagator. I’m late again but really what’s the difference between one day and the next? This week I’m featuring

Book Notes: The Permaculture Handbook :: Chapter Ten

Here are my highly personal notes on Chapter Ten: Water From Another Time in Peter Bane’s The Permaculture Handbook (2012). Any misrepresentations of Bane’s words or work are

Winter Itself is Soluble in Water

“Despite March’s windy reputation, winter isn’t really blown away; it is washed away. It flows down all the hills, goes swirling down the valleys and

Late Summer

Came across this poem, which felt right and true, and decided to decorate it: Late Summer by Anna Kamienska I’ll lock myself now in a