Day 2 / Write 28 Days: Noticing

Implicit in noticing, for me, is wondering. I notice, e.g., that all the buddleias (butterfly bushes) I’ve planted on this property (five in total) have


Only five months late with May! Soon I’ll be posting pics from 2025! Walks and Sights in New Hampshire Exciting month. We did a 1K,


April showers bring many more photos than were taken from January through March! I took at least thirteen different woods walks in New Hampshire, plus

Study in Jeffersonia Diphylla (Twinleaf)

Jeffersonia diphylla is “a somewhat uncommon spring woodland wildflower that is native from New York to Wisconsin south to Alabama and Virginia. It is usually

Field Trip: Mill Mountain, Roanoke, VA

While away recently for a family funeral, spouse and I took two hours off from running errands, making calls, buying and arranging flowers, delivering food,

All Flowers Keep the Light

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” — Theodore Roethke, from “The Stony Garden” in Straw for the Fire: From the Notebooks of Theodore

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