LINK FEST: 30 MAY 2023

Links that may or may not be related to gardens, food, travel, nature, or heterotopias and liminal spaces but probably are. Sources in parentheses.

10-min video: To Scale: TIME (Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet). “On a dry lakebed in the Mojave, a group of friends build a practical scale model of time: 13.8 billion years of cosmic evolution, and our place within it.” Watch it all, but if you’re here for the emotional impact, don’t miss the last two minutes.

photos: This Week in the Woods: June 1 (Northern Woodlands). What’s out and about in northern New England now: white spotted sable moths; Blackburnian warblers; blooming starflowers and Canada mayflowers; American giant millipedes; and pink lady’s slippers.

short essay: The oldest thing: Beauty found in immediacy plus heat (Rosecrans Baldwin/Meditations in an Emergency). Reading is “addictive, the hypnosis, the experience when trance takes hold and there’s no more time.”

article/opportunity: A month-long cruise visiting Civil War battle sites in 12 states (The Points Guy). Only $25K per person!

short video: When you have a retriever, you have unlimited gifts (pup video / Instagram)

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