Links that may or may not be related to gardens, food, travel, nature, or heterotopias and liminal spaces but probably are. Sources in parentheses.

long but fun list: Do You Know How to Behave? Are You Sure?: How to text, tip, ghost, host, and generally exist in polite society today. (The Cut). I agree with pretty much all of these.

article: how to choose a color palette for your flower garden or landscaping: 🌈 color theory & inspirational images for our year ahead (Lauren Dubinsly/Floricult). Great colour theory refresher. Some of the best colour schemes for gardens: monochromatic, complementary, analogous, tetradic, primary, riotous. The photos are eye candy.

photos: All Things Fungi (Max Mudie/Instagram). Fungi & Myxomycetes (slime molds) close-up.

list: 40 Garden and Landscape Design Tips (Pith + Vigor). Including Cut all spacing recommendations for bulbs, annuals and perennials in half; Don’t forget that you can only really see half your garden (the rest is underground); and Build your garden off the leading lines of your house to make sure the design fits the architecture.

article: Pigeons in Love (The Outside Story/Northern Woodlands). Sweet.

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