Well, not a lot blooming here in central New Hampshire in November — and almost nothing now that temps have dropped into the teens at night. But for the first two weeks of the month, ten days posted high temps above 60°F, including one day — 5 Nov — reaching 74°F! So the few late-season flowers, and their insects and bird visitors, have been a welcome end-of-season sight and sound (bzzzz) here this year. I thought I’d share them with you before this website goes silent on Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day until spring.

Here’s what’s going on today, 15 November — even with temps descending below 20F last night and a winter weather advisory out for tonight and tomorrow, there are a few flowers, flower buds, seedheads, and pretty leaves worth noticing.

And here’s what was going on these past two weeks of very mild weather.

Insects on the ‘Bluebird’ asters:

BONUS: 15-second video of bees on asters on 3 November:

The perennial mums, with and without insects:

Other flowers in November before the cold temperatures:

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Hope to see you in 2023.


  1. I love all the insect closeups! I wouldn’t have imagined that New Hampshire would have much of anything in bloom in November so I think you did great.

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