Links that may or may not be related to gardens, food, travel, nature, or heterotopias and liminal spaces but probably are. Sources in parentheses.

essay: Why composting works (but, like, emotionally) (Cass Marketos/The Rot). “… we all practiced releasing something by allowing it to live forever, honoring it with its own eternity. This ritual felt methodical and physical; small, but also true. It reminded me that we, as people, are also fundamentally and always changing; objects in relation. We incorporate new materials and become new with them.”

art: Alberto Ortega’s paintings of mid-century suburban mystery (Instagram). The paintings start as scale models.

short essay: Eating Out: A Temporary Bliss (Rosecrans Baldwin/Meditations in an Emergency). He doesn’t use the word but Baldwin is writing about the heterotopia of restaurants and of the experience of “eating out”: “Basically, I love a temporary relationship and how immediate it feels, a moment briefly summoned by factors mostly out of my control, then gone.” With a lovely Van Gogh to open.

essay, images, and 11-min video tour: Pittsburgh’s Secret Garden (Boaz Frankel/Rootbound). “Mark doesn’t sketch out landscaping plans. He never has. He just goes to the nursery, finds something that inspires him and plants it in his yard. If he’s not happy with how a plant’s looking in a certain location, he’ll move it for the next season. You might think that would lead to a random-seeming garden but the whole space feels very cohesive yet it also has distinct areas or ‘rooms’ of the garden.”

art: collage artist Jessa Dupuis’ ‘tunnel books’ (Danielle Krysa/The No Such Thing As Too Much Art Society). And watch her make one on Instagram.

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