Links that may or may not be related to gardens, food, travel, nature, or heterotopias and liminal spaces but probably are. Sources in parentheses.

field guide to July (Vermont Center for EcoStudies): Bees, chanterelles, squash vine borer moths, black bear breeding season, native mussels, buttonbush, Indian ghost pipe, sarsaparilla, daisies, lobelia, and the Eastern Whip-poor-will, if you’re lucky.

longish article: How the Yurok Tribe Is Bringing Back the California Condor (Undark). In the 1980s, there were fewer than 30 California condors. Their road to recovery has been slow and rocky, because the birds are extremely social and because there have been no wild flocks to teach the released birds how to be condors.

list: featured plants of summer at Mt Cuba Center (USDA Zone 7a/6b). Two pages (second page is really first page). Plants listed by common and scientific name (from Actaea racemosa to Zenobia pulverulenta), with height, colour, sun/soil/moisture needs, and other key characteristics and comments.

article/images/video: honey bees hosted at shrine in Japan (Spoon & Tamago). (I’m guessing these are Apis cerana japonica honey bees, a subspecies of the eastern honey bee native to Japan)

short essay: Intensity (Substack: Meditations in an Emergency/Rosecrans Baldwin). Being hungry and alive on the Earth for the short time we’re here: “[S]ome people have that. They care about the time they have on this planet a little more intensely than other people do.”

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