Links that may or may not be related to gardens, food, travel, nature, or heterotopias and liminal spaces but probably are. Sources in parentheses.

4-min video: combing an otter (YouTube/Otters Kotaro & Hana). Sound up for the little squeaks.

quick test: colour hue discrimination test (Xi-Rite)

long read: The Voyagers by Bill Donahue (The Atavist Magazine). Also available as a 50-min audio. “In 1945, a father and his young son set out across the Bering Strait, fleeing Soviet Russia for a better life in America. Neither knew how perilous their journey would become.” Or how interested in them the FBI would become.

photos: California poppies (Substack/Kitten’s Secret Garden). If you like the colour orange the way I do, this is pure candy.

article: Wood Frog (Hiker’s Notebook), about to make an appearance (and perform a symphony) in northern New England.

Hugh Hollowell Jr, Life is So Beautiful newsletter

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