red squirrel in snow


Another retrospective post in my continuing project to record this second pandemic year here on the blog, a year in which I’ve taken no trips out of northern New England and also, perhaps surprisingly since I stayed pretty close to home, didn’t actively garden as much as usual, though that didn’t stop me from admiring what the plants, insects, and other ecosystem partners managed to get up to on their own — including, in this batch, those animals that the motion cameras show me.

I notice as I assemble the photos for this post that I didn’t take many walks (or snowshoe jaunts) on local trails in February, instead opting to walk on the plowed sidewalks around town and at least once in Hanover, around Dartmouth College.

Walks & Sights in New Hampshire

Home & Garden


Zoom cocktail-making through; zooming weekly with two permaculture groups and with a group of college friends and relatives; and zooming with a winter book group based in Maine. (And in other months, lots of art- and nature-based webinars, plus newspaper-sponsored conversations about health care, politics, business, current events.) Zoom’s not the same as in-person but it gets the job done well enough — it allows regular face-to-face contact and conversation with people far away, and with people nearby without risk of infection; it gives easy access to learning and discussions sponsored by organisations too far to visit, in other states or countries; and it’s a godsend in winter, because it means we don’t have to drive on icy roads to talk about gardens!


Birds and a fox caught the eye of the motion cameras.



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