write 31 days: dreamscape – day 14

Some landscapes are dreamy because they’re washed with a patina of age, nostalgia, romance, simplicity, simple magic.

Some evoke carefree sunlit childhood days or moonlit nights filled with mystery or serenity.

Landscapes seen in the golden hour or l’heure bleue, near sunset and sunrise, are moody and resonant with longing; maybe they tap into a primitive urge to bed down for the night or rise to meet the fresh morning. 

And some landscapes are dreamy because they remind us of dreams, or nightmares. Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH, has a “Dark Woods” that could be a product of the unconscious, dark urges, deepest fears. 


These landscapes (or seascapes) feel evocative to me. They may be a little eerie or creepy, may evoke longing or regret, may feel like home or a place to rest, may feel enchanted or magical. (Click on any for larger view.)

Of course, these are only photos. To actually stand (or sit, lie down, walk, run, etc.) in the midst of such landscapes is an altogether different experience. Early morning, late afternoon, misty or foggy days are good times to explore. Landscapes seen from a train, car, plane, or boat are often moving, in more ways than one. And sometimes you just stumble on a place with a certain spirit — by design or not — that speaks to you, invites you in, warns you away, asks something of you, makes you laugh or cry, reminds you of the past — or was it a dream?


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Featured image: sculptures: Natural Goddess to Consorts II (artist unknown); Torro (Colin Moore)- at The Fells, NH, June 2015

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