Inktober: 31 Days of Poems

pencil sketch filter applied to photo of Bumblecat inside the sunroom, taken from outside the sunroom window with reflections from the patio in the shot (23 July 2019)

I’m not really doing Inktober, which is for artists doing ink drawings that possibly stem from a daily prompt. That would be fun too and I did briefly consider it.

What I’m doing is using the Inktober prompts this year as random poetry prompts. The resulting poem may not seem related to the prompt but I promise I am immersing myself in the prompt for at least 30 minutes and maybe up to a day before writing the poem that comes through the prompting (or revising one that the prompt brings to mind). A few others things:

    • If I feel like it, I may accompany the poem with a photo or two, chosen only after the poem is written (i.e., the poem flows from the prompt, not the photo).
    • I will probably also “show my work” by listing some of the words, phrases, songs, associations that came to me for each prompt.
    • The poems may or may not have anything to do with gardens, gardening, or “nature” as it’s commonly considered.
    • These aren’t finished poems but drafts that will be reshaped as time goes on.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m already two days behind! … but backdating posts for chronological simplicity.

Here are all the prompts, which will be linked to the forthcoming poems when they’re written:

  1. ring
  2. mindless
  3. bait
  4. freeze
  5. build
  6. husky
  7. enchanted
  8. frail
  9. swing
  10. pattern
  11. snow
  12. dragon
  13. ash
  14. overgrown
  15. legend
  16. wild
  17. ornament
  18. misfit
  19. sling
  20. tread
  21. treasure
  22. ghost
  23. ancient
  24. dizzy
  25. tasty
  26. dark
  27. coat
  28. ride
  29. injured
  30. catch
  31. ripe



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