Field Trips Keep Me From Blogging About Field Trips (and the Garden)

Since January, I’ve visited and photographed 24 different places in 5 different states — trails, trail systems, botanical gardens, flower shows, towns, & cities (one of them 9 times, several 3 times, and most more than once) — and have blogged about only ONE, a visit to Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH in February, which I just visited again last week. Where does the time go?

Starting today, I’m going to write a series of posts about these visits, sharing up to 12 photos taken in each spot on each visit, along with some words. That seems doable, right?  Let’s hope. Join me in revisiting the beauty, strangeness, and curious particularity of the recent past. I’m going to call the series A Tangle of Bright Moments:

“For the texture of this life is like a field of stars
In which the past is hidden in a tracery
Looming high about our lives, a tangle of bright moments …”
— from “The Substitute for Time” by John Koethe

Featured image: fish at New England Aquarium, Boston, 15 March 2019


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