Wednesday Vignette: Icehenge



Ice Day at Musterfield Farm, Sutton, NH, was on 3 Feb this year.


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  1. Oh wow – those arranged ice blocks are fantastic! It looks like the rest of the ice needs to be cleared of snow, but if your family is anything like mine, we’d all be out there on our skates with such thick ice! Kind of envious actually. Over here, the town shut down over an inch of snow. I know I shouldn’t say this after the terror of the polar vortex that just blanketed such a large part of the country, but I really do miss a “real” winter sometimes. I suppose having the Cascades within reach is a nice compromise, but even there the snowfall has been rather sparing, this year.

    1. There’s not much skating on this lake — it’s mostly ice fishermen and snowmobilers, though the last couple of days have been around 50F, so not many people are on the ice. We watched someone using an auger to drill his fishing holes on Monday and though it was 54F out, he said the ice was still 15″ thick, at least in that spot. Temps are getting back to normal now (20s and 30s for highs). Yes, having the Cascades not too far seems a perk 🙂 When we think about moving to northern Florida, or even to Cape Cod, I think about the lack of snow in our future.

      1. Yeah, I think the existential stability of moving through four seasons each year would be difficult to get used to *not* having, unless you were born with that as a norm. I think I would feel that time sped too fast if I didn’t have at least some discernible inclination of the passage of time. Here in Oregon, we at least see change happening, even if it’s not always very dramatic. Last year, it felt like we skipped spring altogether.

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