Wednesday Vignette: Somewhere Nowhere

Holy jumpin’ weasel critters, I have so many possibles this week, after 16 days away in the most photogenic places, having the most vivid dreams, making the most fanciful connections among ideas, people, places, memory and imagination.

I guess this photo through the rental car windshield on I95 South in Dortches, North Carolina, says it all.

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  1. Oh, but those clouds…! Wow! That reflection in the windshield below just add to the drama. Very cool shot! You will get a laugh out of my response to your comment on my post…it’s a great irony! I didn’t forget, but I totally messed up. I had mistakenly posted it on my other blog – which I didn’t realize until after I saw your comment. So, I just now copied it over to Flutter & Hum. Thanks for alerting me!

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