31 Days: Apocalypse, Now ~ Day 22 :: Book Lists for the End of the World

metalorbburiedfernKCCExtNLNH29Sept2018Welcome to day 22 of 31 Days of Apocalypse, Now, a month of posts about apocalypse, revelation, uncovering what’s been hidden. Each post will look at these ideas from its own vantage point, which may not obviously connect with the others, and which may only peripherally seem related. I won’t attempt to tie the posts together. They’ll all be listed here, as they are posted.


If you’ve come here looking for novels about the cataclysmic event called The Apocalypse or about the world post-Apocalypse, read my introduction and then do come back here for some lists of lovely, cheerful fiction about the Apocalypse.


Happy Birthday Nevil Shute – 18 post apocalyptic novels to celebrate, Leeds Library & Info Services, United Kingdom: Eighteen titles, with author, summary, online catalog link, and some covers.

End of the World: Plagues, Pandemics, Armageddon, Apocalypse, Influenza, and a Few Zombies, Southfield Public Library, Southfield, Michigan: About 40 titles, with author, book cover, summary, and online catalog link.

Post-Apocalyptic Classics, Logan Library, Logan, Utah: Twenty titles, listing author, genre, publication year, book cover, and with a link to more info in their online catalog.

Fictional Survival, Doomsday, TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World As We Know It) and Apocalypse Books, SHTF Blog: Seventy titles, each with brief summary and Amazon link. Meant to be a resource for preppers interested in turning the television off and opening an entertaining read. Includes classics and lesser known works.

Best Post-Apocalyptic Books: 49 Must Read Novels, Diane Vuković, Primal Survivor: “Post-apocalyptic fiction books aren’t just good entertainment. You can sometimes learn a lot of important survival skills from them, and improve your mental preparedness while enjoying them.” Author, title, publication year, book cover, summary, Amazon link. Sections: Classics, Must-Read (very popular or influential), Popular, Lesser-Known and Other Worthy Mentions, and Readers’ Picks.

18 Intriguing Tales of Post-Apocalyptic Survival, Books, Flicks & Chardonnay: “A good ‘end of the world’ book has all the elements:  The realization that most people are gone, roaming the Earth in search of food, shelter, and decent people, and hiding from roaming marauders, freaky species, and acts of nature gone amok. Sometimes it’s not the end of the world and a dystopian society emerges. Other times, though, it’s all about staying alive against all odds.” Title, author, book cover, summary, and Amazon link. Mix of classics and lesser-known books.

10 Post-Apocalyptic Novels Written By Women, Nicolette Stewart, The Skiffy and Fanty Show: Author, title, publication year, book cover, summary.  And if this is your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out Nicolette’s post at Book Punks, One Thousand Ways to End the World: A Chronology of Apocalyptic Fiction, with a detailed timeline from 1722 to 2015.

Novels that Could Help You Prepare for a Future Pandemic, Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders, Gizmodo: Eleven titles, with author, book cover, and summary. Mostly the usual but I haven’t seen the comic title Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire on many lists.

Five Apocalypses: A Particularly Catastrophic Summer Reading List, compiled by Emily St. John Mandel at The Millions: Title, author, extensive summary, book cover, Amazon link.

Countdown to Destruction: Contemporary Adult Dystopia and Apocalypse Stories, Eugenia Williamson, The Booklist Reader: Seven titles, with author, summary, and link to Booklist review.

A List of Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic Books, Reddit: Not well organised but huge, at least 500 books. Sorted by author’s first name, for some reason. Includes title, author, publication year, page count, average Goodreads rating, brief summary.

Goodreads Listopia: Very Best Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, selected by Brian Smith: About 200 titles, with author, book cover, Goodreads rating, link to more info.


Post-Apocalypse Fiction, for teens, Coventry Public Library, Rhode Island: Fifteen titles, with author, summary, and online catalog link.

If you like The Hunger Games (25 great dystopian novels), for teens, Red Wing Public Library, Minnesota: “Listed below are a number of books similar in some ways to The Hunger Games (e.g., a teen girl taking on an authoritarian society). However, dystopian and post-apocalyptic books have long been a popular sub-genre of science fiction. Whether it’s set in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, or so much later that the pre-apocalypyse civilization has been all but forgotten, and whether it’s due to nuclear war, environmental catastrophe, zombies or the rapture, people love to read about the end (and what comes after!).” Author, title, meaty summary, book cover, online catalog link.

12 Young Adult Dystopian or Post-Apocalyptic Books Worth Reading, LitSlut: Author, title, summary, and Goodreads link. Most are first in a series and that’s noted.

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