Wednesday Vignette: (s)no(w) peas


This is where my peas are meant to be planted now, traditionally here in northern New England on Patriot’s Day, the third Monday in April, which was 2 days ago.

I went outside this morning and wrested the pea trellis bits from the frozen ice-slushy snow (and took this photo), but the ground is really too hard — after being workable a few weeks ago — to insert seeds.

Looking ahead, we’re expecting an inch of snow tomorrow, plus rain, with highs the rest of the week no more than 44F and lows in the 20s. Sunday’s supposed to climb all the way to 50F, so right now that’s the day I’m aiming for for pea planting, assuming my soil thermometer shows that the soil temperature is at least 40. Arugula and salad burnet will follow about two to three weeks later, fingers crossed.

Past year’s pea-plantings, for hope:

peas planted, 20 April 2017 (garlic under straw also shown)
peas, arugula, radish planted, 21 April 2016
peas and chives in bloom, 14 June 2013


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  1. I do hope it all miraculously melts, and you finally get some spring weather. We just had our first sunny day after two weeks of rain. It felt fantastic!

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