turkeys on fence, April 2015

Usually we’re away from home for Thanksgiving: In the seven years of Thanksgivings from 2010 to 2016, we’ve been home twice, in 2011 and 2015. Otherwise, we generally spend a few days in Middlebury or Manchester, Vermont. Barring a last-minute get-away (came inches from one Monday morning), it looks like we’ll be home this year, and I’ll be making a vegetarian meal using our winter CSA veggies. My plan of the moment is a pumpkin pot pie (though a squash risotto is not out of the question), and probably this lemon and parsley roasted fingerling potatoes dish, plus an arugula salad with either fennel or roasted beets and shaved pecorino romano cheese. And rolls. And a Moosewood cookbook mocha pecan pie I’ve made many times before. Plus, there’s Gethsemani fruitcake in the house!

I’m grateful for the winter CSA and all local food, for the warm and cozy house, for the opportunity (time, money, energy) to travel over the holiday if we want to, for not having to travel anywhere.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Manchester, VT, 22 Nov. 2012



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