Someone Was Looking

The garden motion camera — a source of wonder, surprise, and pleasure for me. I eagerly anticipate checking the photos it’s taken, which I do about once a week. What will appear? Who will have visited?

At night there are almost always fox, and now that spring approaches, raccoon, and soon deer, skunk, and maybe bear and coyote (rare visitors).

But daytime captures are often just as interesting and fun to see: squirrels leaping, crows soaring low, mourning doves and blue jays coming in for a landing, and all of them caught in a momentary pose that I probably wouldn’t notice with my eyes alone.


Grey Squirrel

grey squirrel on the move, 13 January morning
grey squirrel leaping, 25 January morning
grey squirrel, 23 February morning
grey squirrel, 6 March morning


Blue Jay

blue jay, 8 January morning
blue jay and mourning dove, 13 January morning


More Mourning Dove

mourning doves, 3 March afternoon



crow landing, 5 January morning
crow landing, 5 January morning
crow, 3 March morning
crow silhouetted in flight, with snow shadow, 4 March morning
crows, 3 March morning
murder of crows in falling snow, 9 March morning


“What was
the photo meant
to document? Not
that we were there—
or anywhere—but that
someone was looking.”
— Andrea Cohen, closing lines to “Shadow of”

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