31 Days of A Sense of Place :: Introduction

A sense of place(2) Welcome to 31 Days of A Sense of Place, a month of posts about feeling at home in our natural habitats. Throughout October, I’ve added a new post each day, with a link to it from this page.

This project is a bit like Wallace Stevens’ poem Thirteen Ways of Looking At A Blackbird, in that I’ve written about a sense of place from vantage points that may not obviously connect with each other. I haven’t attempted to tie them together. In the end, these 31 days of looking at a sense of place may overlap, contradict, form a whole, or collapse like a flan in a cupboard, as Eddie Izzard would say.


Day 1: Start with the Part You are Whole in
Day 2: Ground
Day 3: Who Lives Here?
Day 4: Field Trip: Nature Park
Day 5: Sullied
Day 6: Neither Here Nor There
Day 7: The Vital Edge
Day 8: Wabi-Sabi Spirit
Day 9: Sunshine Through Spanish Moss
Day 10: The Territory
Day 11: Field Trip: Kezar Lake, NH
Day 12: Labyrinth Journey
Day 13: Since Feeling Is First
Day 14: Place Matters
Day 15: Sensing Place
Day 16: Alienation and Place
Day 17: Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn
Day 18: Field Trip: Bedrock Gardens
Day 19: The Necessary Third Place
Day 20: Emptiness at Evening
Day 21: Grounded
Day 22: And each town looks the same to me
Day 23: Damage Done
Day 24: Flora. Fauna. Food. Friends.
Day 25: Field Trip: The High Line (NYC)
Day 26: Home is everything you can walk to
Day 27: Casinos, Abattoirs, and Gardens
Day 28: Living on Holocene Time
Day 29: Homesick
Day 30: Clarity of Late October and the Blue Edge
Day 31: 13 Ways
Bonus Day 32: Field Trip: Middlebury, VT

Thanks for checking in. And be sure to see what the other 31 Dayers wrote about.


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