July Blooms

It’s time (well, slightly past time) for July Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! FRONT YARD Milkweed A lot of the common milkweeds (Asclepias syriaca) are in


Ah, the start of summer, I remember it well. Only four short months ago and all was anticipation. Everything smelled new, green, vital. I was

July Bloom Day

It’s the 15th of the month again, and that means it’s time to show you what’s blooming in my zone 4b-5a northern New England garden

July Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

The garden is in full swing now, even though the first week of June was cold and rainy. 

October in Retrospect

We had a very light frost in late September, which killed leaves on a few of the cucumber plants, and nothing else in my yard.

No Lifetime Is Long Enough

“It is apparent that no lifetime is long enough in which to explore the resources of a few square yards of ground.” ~Alice M. Coats

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