December 2018 Field Trips in Pictures

Hello, again, December, from 2019! WALKS & SIGHTS IN DECEMBER IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: Kezar Lake, Sutton NH, on 17 Dec. and 25 Dec.:  (More photos

November Field Trips in Pictures

A bit late! Almost time for the December edition! The New Hampshire and Cape Cod photos, taken in early November, feel a world away now

December Bloom Day

Nothing is blooming outside here in central New Hampshire (we’ve been snow-covered for a month), but as it happens I was away in Florida, Georgia,

Ginter Again

Another visit to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia, this time squeezed in on 6 July during an unexpected family visit, under threatening

Field Trip: Mill Mountain, Roanoke, VA

While away recently for a family funeral, spouse and I took two hours off from running errands, making calls, buying and arranging flowers, delivering food,

Book Notes: The Permaculture Handbook :: Case Study D

Here are my highly personal notes on the last of the four case studies, Case Study D: Radical Roots Farm, Harrisonburg, VA, USA, in Peter

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