Links that may or may not be related to gardens, food, travel, nature, or heterotopias and liminal spaces but probably are. Sources in parentheses. 12-min

write 31 days: dreamscape – day 26

again and again Night creeps around me, silent and sure. I sleep sound under soft grey blankets  through the travelling night, lullabied,  cradled, vast dreamscape

Inktober: 31 Days of Poems: Ancient

I’m using daily prompts associated with Inktober (artists doing ink drawings) to spur poetry this month. The poems flow from the prompts, though it may not be

December 2018 Field Trips in Pictures

Hello, again, December, from 2019! WALKS & SIGHTS IN DECEMBER IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: Kezar Lake, Sutton NH, on 17 Dec. and 25 Dec.:  (More photos

Taking Sanctuary in Diners, Train Stations, Motels

Welcome to day 22 of 31 Days of Heterotopias: Motels and Hotels, a month of posts about how motels, hotels, and inns function as heterotopias

31 Days of A Sense of Place :: Day 22 ~ “And each town looks the same to me”

Welcome to Day 22 of 31 Days of A Sense of Place. * “Ev’ry day’s an endless stream Of cigarettes and magazines. And each town