Book Notes: The Permaculture Handbook :: Chapter Two

Here are my highly personal notes on Chapter Two: Who Am I To Farm? in Peter Bane’s The Permaculture Handbook (2012). Any misrepresentations of Bane’s words or work

Newly mown savannah

Sometimes Woody the warthog likes to hang out on the savannah … after it’s mowed. He also likes to smell the Alchemilla mollis (lady’s mantle).

31 Days of A Sense of Place :: Day 1 ~ Start with the Part You are Whole in

Welcome to Day 1 of 31 Days of A Sense of Place. This project will be a bit like Wallace Stevens’ poem Thirteen Ways of


For a girl brought up in 1960s and 1970s suburbia, with square grass yards abutting each other along broad cul-de-sac streets, wilderness has been a