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Thursday 13: Savannah Shop & Restaurant Scenes

A companion to last week’s Savannah (GA) street scenes, here are 13 shop & restaurant/bar scenes, all taken between 19-29 Dec. 2019. (Plus a bonus

Thursday 13: Savannah Street Scenes

13 street scenes, Savannah, GA, Dec. 2019 — * Featured image: Bonus #14: Jones Street, Savannah GA New Thursday 13 meme

November Field Trips in Pictures

A bit late! Almost time for the December edition! The New Hampshire and Cape Cod photos, taken in early November, feel a world away now

December Bloom Day

Nothing is blooming outside here in central New Hampshire (we’ve been snow-covered for a month), but as it happens I was away in Florida, Georgia,

Hotels I Haven’t Known

Welcome to day 11 of 31 Days of Heterotopias: Motels and Hotels, a month of posts about how motels, hotels, and inns function as heterotopias

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