The density of every day

Today walking around the lake, we had stopped, searching for the cause of raucous & ongoing avian alarm calls — by crows, mourning doves, others

Wednesday Vignette: Found Japanese Garden

This rocks and moss at the Winant Park Trails in Concord, NH (photo taken last weekend) looked to me like an unconstructed Japanese garden, with

Wednesday Vignette: Hidden World

Ice. Fruiting bodies of British soldier lichen (Cladonia cristatella). Moss strobili. Polytrichum (hair cap moss), looking all spikey. All in the space of a few

Wednesday Vignette :: All’s Otherworldly

“Today, in mid-November’s ocher afternoon light, All’s otherworldly …” — Charles Wright, from “A Journal of the Year of the Ox” Wednesday Vignette is brought

Is It Only What’s Visible That’s Knowable

Go ahead and ask : what principle animates the natural : owl pink Lady’s Slipper orchid white-tailed deer woodchuck : is it only what’s visible

Field Trip in Winter

I’m taking a winter botany class through adult education this month. One of our walks was  along Mink Brook, in Hanover, NH. As our class stood

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