Field Trip: North Berkshires

A month ago, I was hanging out for a couple of days in North Adams and Williamstown, the northernmost towns in the Berkshires of western

A Tangle of Bright Moments: Thinking of the brine

“The time must come when this coast (Cape Cod) will be a place of resort for those New-Englanders who really wish to visit the sea-side.

A Tangle of Bright Moments: All the Firstlings of the May

“I strolled along the beaten way, Where hoary cliffs uprear their heads, And all the firstlings of the May Were peeping from their leafy beds,

A Tangle of Bright Moments: Tray of Jewels

“Tulips were a tray of jewels.” ― E.M. Forster, Howards End (1910) * Spouse and I went to Tower Hill, in Boylston, MA, and Garden in

A Tangle of Bright Moments: Nostalgic Pools

“Poetry is a way of mind; the exploration of a tunnel, where blind albino fish seem to float in nostalgic pools of unremembered memory.” — Russell

Thursday 13: Boston Flower & Garden Show

A list of thirteen things. This week, from the Boston Flower & Garden Show which I attended last week. The theme was “The Beauty of

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