Colour In the Winter Woods

At a glance, the winter landscape in New Hampshire may seem somewhat monochromatic. Right now, there’s a vastness of white snow, a multitude of tree

Six on Saturday: Isolation Walks, Round 2

Six photos each from walks to eight nearby spots (all in New Hampshire) between the end of March and the middle of April, during the

Wearing of the Green

When I visited Wells Reserve at Laudholm in late January and again just last week, I noticed the different greens and took photos to share

Wednesday Vignette: Winter in New Hampshire, Not Entirely Tiny & Far Away

There’s a lot to do outside in winter in New Hampshire. But it’s all tiny and far away. Or strange. * I’m not tiny or

Six on Saturday: Laudholm Farm, Wells, Maine

Yesterday I needed to hear, smell, see, touch, feel the ocean, the beach, with an estuary thrown in for good measure. There are some good

Mosaic Monday: Early Winter in New Hampshire

A few photos from the last week in town, on trails, in the yard. Bonus: Christmas cactus on its own schedule: * Thanks for visiting.

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