write 31 days: dreamscape – day 23

““In a swamp, as in meditation, you begin to glimpse how elusive, how inherently insubstantial, how fleeting our thoughts are, our identities. There is magic

Like the Dampness of Faith

I brought these to read Friday in a weekly group meeting (a salon, we call it) but we didn’t get around to our readings, which

Write 28 Days: Have Heaven ~ Day 8 :: The Key of Heaven, Eyes on the Ground

Welcome to day 8 of 28 Days of Have Heaven, a short month of posts about heaven, paradise, perfection and desire, perfect places, art, theology, gardens,

31 Days: Apocalypse, Now ~ Day 18 :: Unveiled Violence

Welcome to day 18 of 31 Days of Apocalypse, Now, a month of posts about apocalypse, revelation, uncovering what’s been hidden. Each post will look

31 Days: Apocalypse, Now :: Introduction

I participated once again in the Write 31 Days project this year, as in past years, when my topics were Heterotopias: Motels & Hotels,  A Sense