Sorry I’m a bit late – we had a small vacation in Maine and got home yesterday. This update will cover a short week, Tuesday

september bloom day

Two days late! It feels like fall here in New Hampshire. We’re still in a drought. High temps are generally in the 60s and 70s

September Bloom Day

The month since the last bloom day, that is, from 16 Aug. to 15 Sept., has definitely brought a shift from high summer to nascent

August Bloom Day

Well, I missed the traditional Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th, but it’s only 3 days later, not so late in the span of

What In You Can Answer To This Blueness?

I’ve posted several times about Knights Hill Nature Park, in New London, New Hampshire: a July 2014 trip, an April 2015 trip, a compilation of trips over five years,

reach me a gentian

Reach me a gentian, give me a torch! Let me guide myself with the blue, forked torch of a flower down the darker and darker

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