A Tangle of Bright Moments: All These Objects

“Brown cliffs with deep green lakes in the hollows, flat blade-like trees that waved from root to tip, round boulders of grey stone, vast crumpled

April 2019 in Pictures

GARDEN   * FIELD TRIPS AND FOOD * CAT Idea and design from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments

All Flowers Keep the Light

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” — Theodore Roethke, from “The Stony Garden” in Straw for the Fire: From the Notebooks of Theodore

Wednesday Vignette

Point of view of, perhaps, a small mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, or insect — if they had vision like ours, which they don’t — from

The World Reveals: Earth Garden XIII

The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot. — Werner Herzog * This past weekend, I walked 4 or 5 miles along the

Earth Garden VII: Northern Rail Trail section

Last weekend I walked the Northern Rail Trail between Webster Lake, in Franklin NH, and Highland Lake, in East Andover, NH. It’s about 5-1/2 miles

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