Independence Days #5

I’m following along with Sharon Astyk’s “Independence Days” project, which started a few weeks ago. It’s a “10-week exercise [that] builds community, accountability and solidarity as we


I can sort of remember August. Though with the woodstove fire crackling beside me, having walked around town today in fleece and a winter coat

The moments when we choose to play

I’ve posted three previous field trips to Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH, a playful place that’s art gallery and collector garden combined —  The Most

31 Days of Kissing the Wounds :: Day 25 ~ Bedrock Gardens Field Trip

Welcome to day 25 of 31 Days of Kissing the Wounds, a month of posts about the beauty, longing, and soul inherent in our damaged

The most ephemeral

Gardening is the most ephemeral art. A garden is in constant flux, season to season and moment to moment. — Will & Ariel Durant *